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Going around Tokyo can be expensive. Train tickets can cost from around 200-400 JPY for a one-way trip (depending on your destination), and for tourists who are basically commuting the entire day, this can easily go up to 1,000 JPY a day.

The Tokyo Subway Ticket 72-hour pass costs only 1,500 JPY per adult – and that puts your train ticket costs to only 500 JPY a day. You can use it on all Tokyo Metro and Toei Lines.

Tokyo Subway Lines; source:

To easily identify these lines, these are the ones that have letters enclosed in a circle when you look for routes on Google Maps. Net – if you have this ticket, avoid those lines that don’t have a similar logo!

JR line vs. Subway line; Fukutoshin Line is a Subway Line (Circle with the letter F)

Where to buy?

Before you leave the airport, you can get these Tokyo Subway passes from the Keisei Bus counter, near the exit of Narita Airport Terminal 2. For other airports, you can ask Information where you can get them. You can show them this picture and they’ll point you in the right direction!

Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket

Using the Tokyo Subway Ticket

You simply need to insert this ticket in the slot at the entrance of the different subway stations. Make sure you get it back since you will need it to exit, and for your future trips. On your first use, the ticket will be stamped with an expiry date/time. You can use your ticket as long as it is within this time stamp.

Expiry time stamp

In the above example, if you rode a train at 10:50 AM on February 19, you can still use the same ticket to get out even if it’s at past 10:55 AM (expiry on the ticket).

Can I use the Tokyo Subway Ticket to go to Tokyo from Narita?

The answer is no. You can purchase one-time use tickets from ticket counters in the airport as there is no Subway Line directly connected to the airport.

You can learn more about the Tokyo Subway Ticket here.

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