Tokyo in 4 Days – Day 1 AM – Tada Ima!

We arrived at Narita Airport at around 7 AM, with intermittent 5 hours of sleep on the plane.  Prior to exiting the plane, the flight attendant said “It’s very freezing outside, please keep warm.” She was right! We walked from Terminal 3 (JetStar) to Terminal 2, where the train station is located. We rented a mobile wifi device and bought our Tokyo Subway Tickets before leaving the airport.

Photo op before boarding the train

Our Airbnb accommodation is two stations away from Shibuya Station, at Sangenjaya. We bought a one-time use ticket from Narita Terminal 2 to Nihonbashi station (Narita Skyaccess), and used our Tokyo Subway Ticket from there to Shibuya.

We were starving when we arrived, but we didn’t want to eat at the airport, so we headed out upon arriving at Nihonbashi station to look for a nearby Japanese restaurant. A lot of the restaurants we passed by were closed, so we ended up picking the first open restaurant we saw.

Katsudon set for brunch!

After eating, we headed back to Nihonbashi station to continue our commute towards Shibuya.  We had a couple of hours to kill since our check in time is at 3PM. So, we decided to start exploring Shibuya central area while waiting. We left our bags at the coin locker near the station so that we could enjoy walking around.

But first, photo op with Hachiko!

The famous Shibuya crossing

We went into Tsutaya to have coffee from the 2nd floor Starbucks and watch the Shibuya crossing action from there, but there were no window seats available. So, we ended up listening to some of the latest music from Japan’s top artists instead.

Perfume’s Tokyo Girl was playing EVERYWHERE

After checking out the entire Tsutaya building (record stores, books, and a posh cafe on the top floor), we crossed the street to L’Occitane cafe, which also had a good view of the intersection. Although this cafe was quite pricey, we got a taste of the best ice cream ever.

The ice cream on these creme brulee – best ever!

We spent a good hour people watching as we were seated right by the window. We also took a time lapse of the whole Shibuya crossing action.

At around 1:30 PM, our Airbnb host texted us that we could already check-in in advance as the unit was already ready. We finished our coffee and went back to the station, excited to wash up and rest a bit!

This already feels like a long post, so Part 2 of Day 1 will be in the next entry!

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