Weekly recap (May 28 – June 3)

Here are the highlights of the week that was:

  • Crazy karaoke at Megapro with LMN friends. This was supposed to be for Rep’s despedida but she was tired and sleepy. We still pushed through and sang/drank like it wasn’t Monday the next day.

5/28 (Sun) – Crazy karaoke at Megapro.

  • Jolo’s birthday salubong at Rue Bourbon. Got drunk after 3 bottles of alcohol – Jose Cuervo, Johnny Walker Black Label, and Southern Comfort!

5/31 (Wed) – Jolo’s birthday salubong!

  • Jingkay’s 10th year P&G anniversary dinner at Locavore with LMN friends! Food was so good!

6/1 (Thu) – Locavore dinner for Jingkay’s 10th Anniv in P&G!

  • Reiprieza’s samgyeopsal party last Friday evening. This was our “farewell” dinner for Rep as she goes home to Cebu (for good)! Ok, maybe not yet – she’ll be back on the last 3 days of June before really going home for good. Oddly, I don’t have any pictures of this evening because I was busy with the grill. In the evening, we had a few bottles of beer while watching Black Mirror and playing Naruto on the PS4.
  • On Saturday, I didn’t do anything but study Japanese and also watched Samurai Gourmet on Netflix without the subtitles! It was fun, and I actually understood around 60-70% of the conversations. The rest was just gist.

Weekly Recap (May 8-14)

I’m sorry for being a day late, but as promised, here are my highlights of the week (May 8-14):

  • I have been going to work earlier than usual, so that I could also go home earlier. My friend (Ralph) and I were able to consistently get to the office by 7AM, and leave for home at 4PM. I want to continue doing this so that I can really maximize my day, especially with studying and blogging.
  • Last Tuesday, I bought myself a new gadget (a tablet) for my Japanese studies. I will post about it separately so watch out for that!
  • We have been getting free meals from Ralph’s dad, almost every day this week!
  • I drank with my brother last Friday at Crying Tiger, after a stressful afternoon at work.
  • I spent Saturday afternoon studying Japanese at Crepe Amelie. In the evening, we went to Solaire and managed to break even at Roulette.
  • We played mahjong the entire Sunday afternoon, and had a samgyeopsal (Korean pork barbecue) party afterwards!

Sunday’s Samgyeopsal Dinner!

All in all, it was a good week!