Unnies – Right

I have been watching a Korean reality show called Sister’s Slam Dunk (S2) and last week, the Unnies were finally able to release their debut single entitled “Right”.  After seeing them struggle through practice and recording, I am really proud that they made it this far. The show is about to end soon since they have already achieved their dream – but this song will serve as their legacy! I will definitely miss seeing them on TV together, but I know that they will remain good friends after this. I can only hope they come up with another song in the future!

Official Music Video – Unnies – Right?


Debut Stage (Music Bank) – Unnies – Right?

Debut Stage (Music Bank) – Unnies – Lalala Song

In case you want to watch the entire series from Episode 1 – here’s the link! You won’t regret it! You can also support the Unnies by getting their song on iTunes.