Tokyo in 4 Days – Itinerary

Tokyo is for me, what New York is for others. It’s my ideal city! There’s so many things to do, that you can’t possibly fit it all in a month! But, given the circumstances of a working adult, where you can’t really leave work that long, we have to settle with shorter trips. I am sharing with you my 4-Day Tokyo itinerary which my friends and I used just this February.

We took the 12:50 AM flight from Manila, arriving in Narita at around 7AM. Our flight back was at 7:30 PM on the fourth day, so we were able to utilize these days for activities.  It’s important to book flights that do not take up most of the day especially on short trips.

Time Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
7:00 AM Arrive in Narita Airbnb (preps) Airbnb (preps) Pack up
10:00 AM Brunch in Nihonbashi Shibuya (Breakfast at Sukiya, Tokyu Hands, Dotour Coffee) Meiji Jingu Airbnb Check-out
12:00 NN Shibuya (Hachiko, Shibuya Crossing) Akihabara (Lunch at another Ramen place)
2:00 PM Sangenjaya (Check in to Airbnb) Shinjukugyoen (plum blossoms) Tsukiji Market (late lunch) Shopping at BIC Camera; Anime coffee shop
4:00 PM Sangenjaya area Harajuku Takeshita Street Sensjo-ji Temple Travel to Narita Airport
6:00 PM Dinner Ramen Dinner Asakusa Shopping Dinner at the airport
8:00 PM Tokyo Tower Omotesando Shibuya Shopping Fly back to Manila
10:00 PM Home Drinks in Sangenjaya Don Quijote (Sangenjaya)

Ready to roam Tokyo!

I will post the details of each day in the next posts.