I Suck at Daily Blogging

I know, I know.  Even at studying for my upcoming exam this July. Just this week, I’ve blocked my calendar for these two main activities that I need to accomplish on a daily basis.

8-10 PM Blocked!

I wasn’t able to follow this schedule the past two days, though! I’m still hopeful – slow progress is better than zero progress, although I really need to get my act together.

I’ve been thinking of having daily themes – so that I don’t run out of topics to blog about.

  • #MusicMonday – I’ll post about a song, album or artist that I like – from any genre, any period! I feel it’s a good way of kicking off the work week. It also gives me a chance to listen to some of the old songs I grew up listening to.
  • #TechTuesday – Tuesdays will be for anything related to technology, gadgets, whatever I find on the internet that’s worth sharing.
  • #WhateverWednesday – The hashtag says it all – I’ll be posting whatever it is that pops in my head. Be it a random thought, a rant, a vivid dream, my attempt at growing a plant, whatever!
  • #ThrowbackThursday – I have a ton of photos sitting in my archives. I’ll pick one and talk about what I remember about that frozen moment in time.
  • #FridayFinds – Fridays are usually for lunch or dinner outs, coffee and desserts, or other activities that signal the start of the weekend. I’ll be post about places to see, things to do, and maybe some good deals within the metro (both Manila and Cebu).
  • #SlowdownSunday – This day will be dedicated to summarizing the week that was, since talking about what I do on a daily basis can be boring.

Saturday will be a rest day for blogging. Of course, I’ll also be posting other entries for moments that are significant enough to deserve its own post at any day of the week. Apart from that, I’ll also be posting some Japanese lessons as I learn them along the way, including some basic ones for a page I started on Facebook.  I really hope that I can stick to daily blogging this time around.

Wow, I am keeping myself busy. Wish me luck!

Get me out of this slump

I know, I am here again, trying to start something I probably won’t finish. I have been blogging on and off (but it’s really more off than on) the past few years and I’ve only been good at the start.  

I’ve always had problems with blogging consistently and these are my major challenges:

  • I’m always tired.  I know I have enough time, but I never have enough energy to do something productive.
  • There’s too many things I want to write about. And because there’s too many of them, just thinking about it makes me want to just sleep instead.
  • Life has been boring. I wake up, go to work, come back home, watch a few anime or some YouTube videos, then go back to sleep. Repeat.

I know I have to push myself harder. If there’s nothing interesting, I’ll make an effort to try something new, or go somewhere – just find something that I can write about. I had a hard time defining the purpose of this blog so I’m making it a daily blog. This makes it easier for me to talk about anything and everything, without feeling restricted by categories.  Hopefully, this will get me out of this slump, not just with blogging, but with life in general.

Hoping for better things. Taken at Ayala Triangle Lights Show (December 2016)

This blog will also be a journey to finding what I really want to accomplish in life.  I ask myself, if someone mentions my name – what would people associate it with? What would they remember first? I want to look for that which makes me me.  I don’t want to be just an average person anymore. This will become the fuel to my dying fire!

That’s all for now! Please help get me out of this slump by leaving your comments – knowing that there are people reading this will add that pressure to keep posting daily. It’s not easy, but I’ll give it my best this time around.