Tokyo in 4 Days – Day 4 – Land of Gadgets and Anime

You can’t be in Japan and not visit the mecca of anime and gadgets – Akihabara. This was the only item on our itinerary for today. Our check out time was at 10 AM – we already did our packing the night before. After having a simple breakfast of bread, milk, bacon and coffee, we bid our Airbnb goodbye.

The plan was to trace back our steps – we were going to deposit our things in a coin locker in Nihonbashi station, where we plan to take the train to Narita, and then head to Akihabara from there.

Hello Akihabara! Anime heaven!

It is my second time in Akihabara but I’ve never really completely explored the place. We were on the main road (Chuo-dori) and we were surprised that they actually block that stretch for traffic so that people could walk freely!

Don’t be fooled by the sun! It’s coooold!

The weather at this time was quite cold, and we were already hungry. We were looking for a store that serves omurice (because we were tricked by that restaurant we ate in last night). But we gave up because we could no longer handle the cold! We went in at a random restaurant, which turned out to be a ramen restaurant. I ordered a simple shoyo ramen to warm my insides.

Just a normal ramen!

After lunch, we spent most of our time in BIC Camera, which is heaven for a gadget freak like me. Hannah bought a bluetooth speaker for her sister and a portable NES player that you can connect to a TV and play old school Nintendo games on! I bought my brother a Gunpla (still no sign of Wing Zero) and Pokemon Go Plus (at only 1,500 PHP each)!

Shopping time!

Look at all of the Gunpla!

We still had enough time so in our tradition of visiting one coffee place a day, we went to a coffee shop called Honey Toast to rest our tired legs. After an hour or so, it was time to head back to Nihonbashi, and then ride the train to the airport.

At Honey Toast coffee shop!

The train ride was long, and I was reflecting again on how I really want to live in Japan, even if its just in one of the peaceful provinces outside (but near) Tokyo. While Hannah and Mhealler slept, I was gazing out of the train and bidding Japan a silent goodbye.


We had time for dinner at the airport and guess what I got? Omurice! Hannah just gave up and had a burger – because she missed normal food, even after all that searching in Akihabara!

Omurice at the airport!

We went home happy and satisfied. I can’t wait for our next Japan adventure in October!

Bye bye Japan! 🙁

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