Online Tools by Jekert

These are some “online tools” I created for my personal use, because I couldn’t find an app that meets my needs. I call them “tools” because they’re supposed to help make your life easier, and they’re not exactly apps (I don’t have any knowledge on programming or developing apps at all). Still, these tools can be used on any iOS/Android SmartPhones via Google Sheets, so they’re still accessible and convenient.

As much as I want to share them for free, I decided to “sell” these for an affordable price of 100 PHP (~2 USD).  This will go into the cost of maintaining this blog. If you’re interested to try these out, let me know via the comments (within the tool’s post), and I can give you a 24-hour trial period.

Tool name Description Buy
Travel Expense Tracker This tool is useful for traveling with a group where expenses are equally shared by everyone. The tool allows you to input your travel buddies, your expenses, and generates a report showing payments made by each person, total allocated expenses, and who pays who at the end of the trip.

Steps to use tools:

  1. Install Google sheets on your iOS/Android phones.
  2. Click the Buy logo and proceed with payment via PayPal. Please indicate your Google account with your payment.
  3. After receipt of payment, I will create a copy of the tool and share the ownership/edit access to you.
  4. You should be able to see and edit the spreadsheet via your Google Sheets application afterwards.


  1. These are simple online tools and they work exactly the way I describe them. Please click on the Tool Name for more details on the tool.
  2. I do not accept requests to modify the tools, however I welcome your inputs/suggestions on how to make the tool better.  This is to avoid issues with rolling out updates to all users as this is not currently possible with Google Sheets.
  3. If you are not contented with how the tools work, let me know and I can refund back to your PayPal account within 3 days from purchase.

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