Get drunk at Crying Tiger for Crying Out Loud

It’s my first day of following the daily themes I’ve set for myself.  So, even if I’m quite drunk and that it’s quite late (it’s already Saturday early morning, to be exact), I am forcing myself to write this post so that I don’t feel like such a loser on my first day.

Crying Tiger. It’s a hit or miss. But I really, really, love their Thai omelet. It reminds me of my mom’s scrambled eggs (yes, she doesn’t really mix it up the way scrambled eggs are supposed to be). They’re extra salty, but they never fail to remind me of home.


My favorite food on the menu.

And then beer. 55 pesos (a little over a dollar US) for a bottle of Red Horse is not expensive, considering the “prime” Poblacion location.



Crying Tiger prides itself as the “Southeast Asian” place to be in Poblacion, Makati.  They serve Thai, Malaysian, maybe some Indonesian, and other cuisines from the region. The ambiance stays true to its character – come on, look at this.


Tiger, are you crying? 🙁 Why?

The restroom too, I’m glad I have wide angle lens on my phone to be able to take this photo.


Inception moment

I hated this sign on the CR though – I thought it was a little bit too “trying hard”. My drunk self tried to remove the sign and throw it in the trash – but alas, this  thing was stuck on the wall like it was clinging for its life.


Kill the WiFi for all I care.

My brother and I ended up finishing 3 bottles of beer each (because he has work the next day).  I take this place for granted because it’s right in our “hood”, but some people actually go out of their way to visit and try this place out! The place is usually packed in the evenings. If you happen to find yourself in Poblacion, Makati – I recommend giving this place a try! I can’t say you won’t regret it, but hey, at least you tried!

Come on Fridays and eat/drink your heart out at Crying Tiger! 🙂

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