Day 13: Sweaty Hands & Feet

I shoot water from my palms

I’m sitting on my desk, typing at my computer, the air conditioning blowing cold air straight at me – but my hands and feet are still sweating like crazy.

  • As a student, I hated writing because my paper or notebook always ends up soaking wet. I had to insert another sheet of paper, or a handkerchief, in between my hand and the paper.
  • Until now, I can’t wear slippers/slip-ons because my feet sweat so fast, and combining that with the city’s dust – I almost always end up with “muddy” feet. It doesn’t look good, and I can’t walk because it’s too slippery.
  • My laptop keyboards are always oily. Its letters and numbers, faded. When they stopped working, the IT guy asked me if I spilled any form of liquid on them. Yeah, my sweat.
  • Ever tried using a smartphone with sweaty hands?
  • Our carpet smells by the day because of its daily treatment of sweat.
  • Ever tried holding hands with sweaty hands?
  • The floor where my feet are resting right now, looks like a dog peed in there
  • My eyeglasses are full of smudges from my fingers
  • I visit the restroom every 30 minutes to wash off the sweat on my feet
  • I can’t open a bottle or jar because my hands would just slide off the cap

Apparently, there are ways to treat this condition (called Hyperhidrosis). I’ve never really thought of this as something that needed to be cured. It was just there and I learned to live with it. Maybe it’s time to try out some of these treatments. I will let you know if they work!

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