Weekly Recap (May 8-14)

I’m sorry for being a day late, but as promised, here are my highlights of the week (May 8-14):

  • I have been going to work earlier than usual, so that I could also go home earlier. My friend (Ralph) and I were able to consistently get to the office by 7AM, and leave for home at 4PM. I want to continue doing this so that I can really maximize my day, especially with studying and blogging.
  • Last Tuesday, I bought myself a new gadget (a tablet) for my Japanese studies. I will post about it separately so watch out for that!
  • We have been getting free meals from Ralph’s dad, almost every day this week!
  • I drank with my brother last Friday at Crying Tiger, after a stressful afternoon at work.
  • I spent Saturday afternoon studying Japanese at Crepe Amelie. In the evening, we went to Solaire and managed to break even at Roulette.
  • We played mahjong the entire Sunday afternoon, and had a samgyeopsal (Korean pork barbecue) party afterwards!

Sunday’s Samgyeopsal Dinner!

All in all, it was a good week!

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