My 17 of 2017

The year 2017 was for me, a year of moving on. When my dad passed away last December of 2016, I realized that life is indeed very short and fleeting. I felt a kind of pain that I’ve never felt before – one mixed with regrets, what-ifs, and feeling sorry for myself and the family. Coming out of this experience, I realized that I had to do a reassessment of what I really value in life, and focus on that. And with that, my 2017 was full of taking chances, keeping things simple, and making more mindful decisions.

When you have no choice but to suck it up. Bring it on 2017.

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To be honest, this post is a few days late. But, I wanted to summarize my best 17 memories or moments (both good and bad), as a way of looking back. These are in no particular order in terms of value (e..g, #1 isn’t the best out of the list).

  1. Started adopting a minimalist lifestyle
  2. Passed JLPT N4
  3. Japan Travel – Tokyo in February 2017
  4. Japan Travel – Northern Kyushu & Fukuoka in June 2017
  5. Japan Travel – Osaka/Kyoto in October 2017
  6. Japan Travel – Nagoya in December 2017
  7. Domestic Travel – Boracay in May 2017 (Dang’s wedding)
  8. Domestic Travel – Coron in September 2017 (with Bisdaks)
  9. First falling snow/full blown winter experience
  10. Started investing in stocks and mutual funds
  11. Invested in my first real property (for the future)
  12. Supported my mom’s dream of renovating our home in Dalaguete
  13. Bought a 2nd hand car for Cebu
  14. Watched a Seventeen concert
  15. 10th year milestone in P&G (gave my mom the anniversary watch)
  16. 5 trips to Cebu, with longer durations
    • Dad’s 40th day in January
    • Went home for Mom’s birthday in July
    • Lola Auring passed away in August, and all of my cousins and relatives who I grew up with were there – it felt like a reunion!
    • The fiesta in our province (Lanao, Dalaguete) was a lot of fun!
    • First time to celebrate Undas/Christmas with Dad at the cemetery
  17. Started (and failed at) daily blogging

These are the big moments that stand out. Of course, 2017 would not be complete without the small moments spent with family and friends, eating out, catching up, and even playing Pokemon Go! Looking back, 2017 has really been a great year for me. My intention for posting this is not to show off, but rather, to inspire and motivate myself to do even better in 2018. I will have a separate post for that, but my plan for 2018 is to continue focusing on my family, my future, and not be scared of taking risks. And yes, I will restart the daily blog, too!

It’s three days late but Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all a better 2018! 🙂

Weekly recap (May 28 – June 3)

Here are the highlights of the week that was:

  • Crazy karaoke at Megapro with LMN friends. This was supposed to be for Rep’s despedida but she was tired and sleepy. We still pushed through and sang/drank like it wasn’t Monday the next day.

5/28 (Sun) – Crazy karaoke at Megapro.

  • Jolo’s birthday salubong at Rue Bourbon. Got drunk after 3 bottles of alcohol – Jose Cuervo, Johnny Walker Black Label, and Southern Comfort!

5/31 (Wed) – Jolo’s birthday salubong!

  • Jingkay’s 10th year P&G anniversary dinner at Locavore with LMN friends! Food was so good!

6/1 (Thu) – Locavore dinner for Jingkay’s 10th Anniv in P&G!

  • Reiprieza’s samgyeopsal party last Friday evening. This was our “farewell” dinner for Rep as she goes home to Cebu (for good)! Ok, maybe not yet – she’ll be back on the last 3 days of June before really going home for good. Oddly, I don’t have any pictures of this evening because I was busy with the grill. In the evening, we had a few bottles of beer while watching Black Mirror and playing Naruto on the PS4.
  • On Saturday, I didn’t do anything but study Japanese and also watched Samurai Gourmet on Netflix without the subtitles! It was fun, and I actually understood around 60-70% of the conversations. The rest was just gist.

Boracay Beach Wedding – #DeeNewlyWeds

I’m sorry for the long break – it has exactly been a week since my last post. I attended a wedding of a friend in Boracay last week, so that disrupted my blogging schedule. It was a lovely wedding by the beach – and I got to meet up with old friends. We had a good time, swimming during the day, and drinking in the evening!

We stayed at the White House Boracay, which was right beside the venue of the wedding. I was able to get some good rates from Agoda (over 50% off normal rates) so it was a snatch! There are also some good bars beside this hotel that offer great happy hour deals such as Sur and Two Seasons’ Bar Lo.

Swimming at high noon!

Reunion with my old teammates at work!

The best four-cheese pizza in the PH at Bar Lo Two Seasons!

The wedding was held at Sea Wind in Station 1. Look at how the place was set-up for the ceremony!

The lovely set-up!

The lovely bride with her parents

The wedding reception was definitely the highlight of that weekend – with overflowing alcohol and 90s to early 2000s music. It was the best wedding party I’ve ever attended! These are some of my most alcoholic friends and there was a time when we came to Boracay yearly to celebrate Labor Day weekend, so this was really quite a reunion.

Group photo with the groom before the night got crazy!

To be honest, I normally don’t like weddings, but this one was just so simple, casual, and very intimate. It was very personal and focused really on the couples versus the formalities of a traditional wedding. It’s fair to say that everyone went home either drunk or contented.  Surprisingly enough, I woke up the next day without any hangover!

Cheers to #DeeNewlyWeds!

Weekly Recap (May 8-14)

I’m sorry for being a day late, but as promised, here are my highlights of the week (May 8-14):

  • I have been going to work earlier than usual, so that I could also go home earlier. My friend (Ralph) and I were able to consistently get to the office by 7AM, and leave for home at 4PM. I want to continue doing this so that I can really maximize my day, especially with studying and blogging.
  • Last Tuesday, I bought myself a new gadget (a tablet) for my Japanese studies. I will post about it separately so watch out for that!
  • We have been getting free meals from Ralph’s dad, almost every day this week!
  • I drank with my brother last Friday at Crying Tiger, after a stressful afternoon at work.
  • I spent Saturday afternoon studying Japanese at Crepe Amelie. In the evening, we went to Solaire and managed to break even at Roulette.
  • We played mahjong the entire Sunday afternoon, and had a samgyeopsal (Korean pork barbecue) party afterwards!

Sunday’s Samgyeopsal Dinner!

All in all, it was a good week!