How to Unblock US Netflix, Crunchyroll

A lot of video streaming services such as Netflix, Crunchyroll (if you’re an anime fan), Dramafever, have geographic restrictions. For those in the US, there’s usually no problems viewing almost 100% of the shows available in these services. However, for those outside the US, and especially in the Philippines, a lot of these content are inaccessible. In fact, according to Rappler, 93% of Netflix US titles are not available in Netflix PH as of January 2016. For Crunchyroll, it’s also the same statistics. If you are paying for these services from the Philippines, you might not be getting your money’s worth!

Fret no more – there is a way to trick these services into thinking that you are streaming from the US. The easiest option is to set-up a DNS Proxy. And I recommend SmartDNSProxy for this!

Over 300 services unblocked, unrestricted! Photo credit: SmartDNSProxy

There’s a free trial for 15 days, no need to input any payment information so I suggest you give it a try! I am a satisfied user of SmartDNSProxy – I have been using this for a year already and just renewed my subscription this month.

My one-year subscription costs only 29.90 USD (which is around 1,500 PHP) – or 125 pesos a month! Considering the content you will be unlocking across 300 services, this is not bad at all! You can binge watch on all seasons of Friends on Netflix, which you can’t do with a PH account currently. Once you’ve activated your account, you simply need to set up the DNS on your device (individually) or directly on your router, so that all devices connected to it will have these services unblocked right away.  You can find the detailed instructions on the site so I really encourage you to do the free trial first just to ensure that your devices/router are compatible with the service.

Best KPOP releases for May 2017

May has been a good month for KPOP! There were a lot of comebacks from well known groups/artists so I thought of listing down my top 5 favorite releases of the month (excluding Unnies – Right).

5. iKON – Bling Bling 

iKON is finally back, with a new image and even new names for some members. It seems YG is trying to reboot the group! This song is very catchy, very hip hop, but they’ve had better songs in the past. I liked Winner’s comeback last month better. But still – this makes it to the Top 5 for sure!


4. Urban Zakapa – Alone

Oh man, the lyrics to this song just hits me. I have nothing else to say. Let me hide under my sheets while I listen to the song again.


3. Roy Kim – Suddenly

Roy Kim is back with blonde hair – but his voice is still as soothing as ever.  I just love the Spring feel to this song.


2. Nam Taehyun (South Club) – Hug Me

I am so happy Taehyun left Winner (and YG) – not because I didn’t want him there – but because I love the music of South Club. And his voice fits this genre better! It’s so good even YG promoted the song on his Instagram.


1. SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry

OK, call me basic for putting this on top but I just love the way this song was put together – even if it sounds a bit like The Chainsmokers’ Closer (which I hate).  I give props to KPOP acts who bring something new to the table! The choreography also fits the song very well. This song has been on repeat the past two days and I’m not yet tired of it. These guys could give EXO and BTS a run for their money!


What’s your favorite KPOP song for the month? Let me know in the comments!

Boracay Beach Wedding – #DeeNewlyWeds

I’m sorry for the long break – it has exactly been a week since my last post. I attended a wedding of a friend in Boracay last week, so that disrupted my blogging schedule. It was a lovely wedding by the beach – and I got to meet up with old friends. We had a good time, swimming during the day, and drinking in the evening!

We stayed at the White House Boracay, which was right beside the venue of the wedding. I was able to get some good rates from Agoda (over 50% off normal rates) so it was a snatch! There are also some good bars beside this hotel that offer great happy hour deals such as Sur and Two Seasons’ Bar Lo.

Swimming at high noon!

Reunion with my old teammates at work!

The best four-cheese pizza in the PH at Bar Lo Two Seasons!

The wedding was held at Sea Wind in Station 1. Look at how the place was set-up for the ceremony!

The lovely set-up!

The lovely bride with her parents

The wedding reception was definitely the highlight of that weekend – with overflowing alcohol and 90s to early 2000s music. It was the best wedding party I’ve ever attended! These are some of my most alcoholic friends and there was a time when we came to Boracay yearly to celebrate Labor Day weekend, so this was really quite a reunion.

Group photo with the groom before the night got crazy!

To be honest, I normally don’t like weddings, but this one was just so simple, casual, and very intimate. It was very personal and focused really on the couples versus the formalities of a traditional wedding. It’s fair to say that everyone went home either drunk or contented.  Surprisingly enough, I woke up the next day without any hangover!

Cheers to #DeeNewlyWeds!

The Other Boracay / The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast

I have been to Boracay several times, and it’s always been the White Beach area from Station 2 to Station 1. This time, I ended up on the other side of Boracay because I was looking for a cheap place to stay in for a night. 

And I think I just found a treasure.

Bulabog Beach

In the other side of Boracay lies a beach that’s a lot quieter, more relaxed, and is a different picture from its more famous counterpart. I stayed at The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast, which was equally charming. 

The Lazy Dog

All I needed was a bed for a night while waiting for my friends to arrive the next day. Their dorm bed costs only 575 pesos (all-in) for one night including breakfast. Considering how lovely the place is, it’s totally worth it. You could literally just chill and be lazy in there. 

Cozy enough

Look how peaceful this place is!

I loved the open restaurant

Enjoying my happy hour in peace.

Since this place is on the other side of Boracay, you have to take a tricycle if you want to go to White Beach…or walk the mile if you don’t mind the heat. This area of Boracay reminds me of Vietnam’s small alleys – there’s a lot of hip places popping up in the area such as coffee shops, bars, and more unique hostels. I would have loved to stay longer, with friends this time! I’ll definitely come back and stay here again.

Lazy Dog: Free petting, I don’t bite!

Have you ever been to Boracay? If you haven’t you should! It’s not perfect but it’s one of the best places to escape to! And happy hour is a must!

Buendia Extension

Buendia Extension

  • The old office’s back alley, where me and my friends used to get our afternoon snacks. Squid balls, hotdog, and kwek-kwek. There are also two jolly-jeep stalls that sell cheap meals and bananacue.
  • Also known as “creek side”, this small street is super busy on the weekdays, and super quiet (haunting, even) on the weekends.
  • One way from 7am to 7pm.
  • That one building used to be the home of an old friend I’ve lost touch with
  • Where I first learned parallel parking
  • There’s a ledge (not in the photo), where I had one of the scariest talks of my life
  • Drank booze in paper bags with old teammates during a stressful night at work
  • Hunting place for Magikarps, Psyducks, Dratinis and other water-type Pokemons in Pokemon Go during the first few months of the game