One of my favorite Jpop groups is a pop rock/hip-hop vocal group called GReeeeN. I first heard of them from the Jdrama “Rookies” where they sang the soundtrack entitled Kiseki (translates to Miracle in English). If you look up the English translation of the lyrics, you will find that the song is perfect for a wedding vow. I love this song so much!

GreeeeN – Kiseki 

Two things you’ll immediately notice are:

  1. Their music video (always) has a story. In fact, it feels like a short film that fits within a song.
  2. You won’t see the group in any of their music videos.

A fun and interesting fact is that the group has never ever shown their face in public since their debut. They are only known by their “stage names” – Hide, Navi, Kuni (written as “92”), and Soh.  At first, this was to protect their personal lives while they were still studying dentistry at a university.  However, even after graduating, they have kept their identities secret because they are practicing dentists. Talk about pursuing your passion together with your profession!

I like all of their songs, but here are the ones on top of my list:

GReeeeN – Itoshi kimi e


GReeeeN – Ai uta


GReeeeN – Haruka


GReeeeN – Hana uta


GReeeeN – Rookies (this doesn’t have a music video – but I really love this song!)

You can see that their logo is an image of a sparkling white teeth, true to their being dentists! The four Es represent each of the group members.  You can check out more of their songs here. They have also released a compilation of all their singles – perfect for a road trip!

Weekly recap (May 28 – June 3)

Here are the highlights of the week that was:

  • Crazy karaoke at Megapro with LMN friends. This was supposed to be for Rep’s despedida but she was tired and sleepy. We still pushed through and sang/drank like it wasn’t Monday the next day.

5/28 (Sun) – Crazy karaoke at Megapro.

  • Jolo’s birthday salubong at Rue Bourbon. Got drunk after 3 bottles of alcohol – Jose Cuervo, Johnny Walker Black Label, and Southern Comfort!

5/31 (Wed) – Jolo’s birthday salubong!

  • Jingkay’s 10th year P&G anniversary dinner at Locavore with LMN friends! Food was so good!

6/1 (Thu) – Locavore dinner for Jingkay’s 10th Anniv in P&G!

  • Reiprieza’s samgyeopsal party last Friday evening. This was our “farewell” dinner for Rep as she goes home to Cebu (for good)! Ok, maybe not yet – she’ll be back on the last 3 days of June before really going home for good. Oddly, I don’t have any pictures of this evening because I was busy with the grill. In the evening, we had a few bottles of beer while watching Black Mirror and playing Naruto on the PS4.
  • On Saturday, I didn’t do anything but study Japanese and also watched Samurai Gourmet on Netflix without the subtitles! It was fun, and I actually understood around 60-70% of the conversations. The rest was just gist.

Zubuchon Makati

This episode of No Reservations put Zubuchon on the map not just in Cebu, but in the entire Philippines as Anthony Bourdain dubbed it “The Best Pig Ever”. Cebu is home to the best lechon (roasted pig) in the Philippines. And competition is tough. I’m just happy that Zubuchon finally put up a branch in my second home, right in Makati. That meant a couple of things:

  1. Cebu lechon is just around the corner – I don’t need to fly to Cebu to eat it!
  2. My friends and office mates can no longer pressure me into buying lechon for them, since they can now get it themselves!
  3. This could be the start of more Cebu food coming into Manila

I paid Zubuchon Makati a visit one rainy Sunday evening and it was exactly how I expected it to be. Perfect! Skin is salty and crispy, the meat – juicy and seasoned beautifully.

Look at this piece of heaven

There are some Cebuano goodies for sale too!

There are a lot of other choices on the menu, and these are all the same as the ones they offer in Cebu. I’m so happy I finally have a place to go to when I get homesick. I heard there’s a branch of Tatang’s Lechon also somewhere in Makati – I have yet to try that one out.

So happy this pig flew all the way!

For those of you who want to give one of Cebu’s best lechon a try – head on to Zubuchon Makati at 135 Talisay Street (in between Yakal and Malugay) in Makati. They’re open from 11AM to 10PM – there’s a lot of space but they do get full on peak hours. You may call them at 0956-477-1999 for reservations. There is parking so don’t worry about bringing a car!

How to not lose friends on Social Media

Your social media account is your own space – I agree to that. But just like your life is yours to live how you want, you still need to consider the impact of your own action to the people around you. If I don’t believe in deodorants as a person, I would still think twice about imposing my body odor on my friends and colleagues at work (just an example).  Compromise is the secret to harmonious living.

Unfollow or Unfriend?

Here are the top 3 things people do that turn me off and make me want to click that “Unfollow” button:

  • Too much politics. Hey, if you’re so concerned about how the country is run, please run for office, or work for the government. Do something that actually helps – posting your agreement or disagreement on FB every single day, reacting to every single thing the government does – may help you relieve yourself of stress or disappointment, but you’re just passing that on to your followers. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends, especially when you’re posting not to educate, but to prove a point (or to prove that those who disagree with you are wrong). There’s no right or wrong in politics, we will always favor what is convenient to us. Period!
  • Look at me, I’m living the good life. Before you post anything – ask yourself why you need to post it. If it’s to share your happiness, or document a memory, go ahead. But if it’s just for show – to show people you are living a good life, you don’t really need to do that. What sets the truly rich from those who want to be called rich is that need for attention and validation. If you really, really want to show off – at least make that photo creative, or use a caption that doesn’t talk about you or what you’re doing.
  • Wittybunny, unwitty you. I’ve talked about this on Facebook before. While it may seem like harmless fun, using services such as Wittybunny collects information about you AND your friends. You may be fine with that, but are your friends OK with having their information taken? Wonder why the results seem so accurate? It’s not really that difficult to analyze based on your previous posts and activities. Read the privacy policy carefully before you allow any third-party application to access your Facebook information. A lot of them do not have security measures as strong as Facebook itself.

Again, these are just my opinion. I can’t say I haven’t done any of these. I’m not trying to be preachy.  It’s your account and you’re free to do whatever you want with it. The worst thing that can happen is that someone who doesn’t like what you’re posting will unfollow/unfriend you. It doesn’t mean you will become enemies in real life. Social media is a respite for most of us who are dealing with stress in real life. When social media adds up to that stress, I click unfollow!

What about you?